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4 years ago

Not getting the speed paid for


we pay for 300mbs but lately when we run a speed test we get less than 100mbs.  we have reset the gateway multiple times with little resolution.  is there a patch or somthing we are missing?  I understand that it will not always be 300 but i would expect at least closer to 200. 

thank you

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    Are you getting the low speeds on wired or wireless devices? If wireless, could you hardwire one of your devices and share your speed test results?

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      In my similar support, my devices are hard wired in to my router at 1Gb connection speed but getting far less.

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        Looking from this end I'm also seeing what looks to be an R7000 router attached. Our gateway has the router built-in and therefore won't work properly with an external router attached.

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    do pages load quickl? don't rely too much on cox speed tests.

    try this one + test with other servers in your area. you will probably see higher speeds than cox, i do!!

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    Just obtained COX Gigablast service installed in my home yesterday. Today I used nurmerous speed test sites and all agree, I'm also getting roughly 90Mb/s download and 35Mb/s upload. I signed up for Gigablast at roughly 1Gb/s download. What gives?

    This appears to be a QOS configuration, that based upon your results is perhaps how COX is throttling the load from now all of us at home workers being on line.

    Just a theory, but easy enough for COX to execute on.

    Any COMMENTS from COX Internet Tech Support?

  • AGREED!  Our speeds have dropped from the 200mbps range to 135mbps range, with choppy latency etc. within the last 10 days.  Something going on that Cox either doesn't understand or want to admit.  But there's nothing different with our equipment, etc.