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6 years ago

Network Virus?? HELP!!

I appreciate anyone who could give me some advice on how to fix a network virus I have. Recently there was an increase in our internet usage. Usually, we do not go over 700 GB but this month it was almost 1200 GB. When I went to the Netgear Genie I looked at our logs and I saw some DoS attacks. Such as:

  • [DoS attack: Ping Of Death] from, port 0
  • [DoS attack: Teardrop or derivative] from, port 0
  • [DoS attack: Illegal Fragments] from, port 0

When I contacted Cox, they told me the only thing they could do to help me was to purchase their Customer Care plan or something along the lines of that. However, when I had a similar problem last year, the representative on the phone gave me the contact information for BIT International? Personally, I never heard of the company but decided to give it a try. They seemed to fix the problem last year, but after accepting another payment (I spent over $400 now at BIT International) they took the payment and said they would call me, but never did. I know that I am going to have to call them back which is not a problem, but does anyone know what else I can do to fix the problem? I have changed the name of our WiFi, changed our password and they installed another antivirus on the computer...

Is there anything Cox can do to fix this problem? I am currently using a Netgear AC1900 Router. Any suggestions would help as this issue has been going on for I have no idea, it could have been months and I do not know if it is considered serious or not? Thanks!!

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    DO NOT PAY ANY COMPANY to remove virus remotely. Most are scams

    First, download MALWAREBYTES 


    Next, download CCleaner


    Next, download Glary Utilities 


    After they have been installed and updated, disconnect the computer from the Internet. (disable the network devices)

    If possible, backup all your documents to another location (like an external drive or even DVD's)

    Next, run malwarebytes. Depending on the results (ie, something found) you may have to run CCleaner. 

    If nothing is found, most of the time everything is OK. 

    Reboot the computer

    Enable the network devices.

    Next, create a System Restore Point. (Some virus will turn this off, this step insures that the program is running)

    I would also recommend that you check your Firewall settings.  If you are running Windows 10, Windows Security is sufficient for home use. Make sure is up-to-date  You do not need to buy a separate Antivirus software. AND you should never run more than one Antivirus program at the same time, They conflict with each other and cause gaps on their definitions list

    Next, run Glary Utilities. "One-Click Maintenance" "Scan for Issues"

    After 28 days, run Malwarebytes again. If everything is OK, remove the program. 

    Run Glary Utilities at least once a month.

    I hope these help. Good luck

    Julian Garcia  Computer Technician.

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      Thank you so much, I am going to try this and see if this works. And thank you for letting me know about having two antivirus programs at the same time, I wish that company was aware of that since they are the one that did the install. Again, thank you for your response.