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5 years ago

Netgear CM-1000 Reboots at Same Time Every Night / Suspect Recent Firmware Update.

A week ago, I and at least two other Cox subscribers with Netgear CM-1000 modems began experiencing NIGHTLY modem resets -- multiple times per night, all at exactly the same time.  Two of us are in San Diego, one in AZ.

But the real issues appears to be the model of modem AND a recent (I suspect within the last 6-7 days) problematic firmware update.

I have a hardcopy modem status page printed on 8/5/19 indicating firmware rev v3.01.04.

CURRENT firmware rev is v5.01.04.

WHEN was this revision pushed out?

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    Ps.  If you are a Cox representative, please post USEFUL information only -- spare us the parroting back of how "firmware is pushed automatically and fully tested and certified beforehand", yadda yadda.