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6 years ago

Netgear C7800 Firmware


Was hoping to get a possible ETA on a firmware update for this gateway. It was updated to v.3.01.38 over a year ago. It is very buggy from Netgear's end but I did see another ISP that has v.3.01.40 deployed. Hopefully there were "fixes" incorporated from Netgear and it has been sent out to all the ISPs. Is Cox working on another firmware push anytime soon?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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    Hi KMDonlon, our Firmware updates are automatically pushed out to your modem when an approved update is available. Cox goes through a rigorous testing and certification process for firmware updates to ensure they are secure, perform well on our system, and are free of any bugs. This is why you may not have the most up to date version available, and we do not have any information at this time regarding a new update. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator