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2 years ago

Netgear CM1200 Firmware Updates

I have been on the phone with support from both Cox and Netgear for about 5 hours today. I have been inquiring about Cox upgrading to the latest firmware for the Netgear CM1200 modem. Cox tells me that I can update the firmware through Netgear, and Netgear clearly states that my ISP, Cox, is responsible for updating the firmware. I basically got an answer from a Cox support manager, that Cox doesn't update 3rd party modem for the simple fact that they want their customers to rent their proprietary modem/routers which are garbage.

Cox, you need to request the latest firmware from Netgear and then push it out to all of those modems. If I could change to an ISP that actually cared about the consumers that spend money for their service I would.

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    The latest APPROVED firmware, is automatically pushed to each modem on the Cox network. Just because Netgear has a newer firmware available, doesn't mean that it has passed Docsis Engineering at Cox, for use on their network. What you have, is what you will run on, until a newer firmware goes through Docsis testing and approval, at which time, they will push it out to your modem automatically 

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      I just wish Tier 1 knew this and correctly informed the customer.

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        if it's not part of the monkeyscript, they won't know. T-1 is no longer technically adept, they don't even understand what they are troubleshooting, they just follow a script.