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2 years ago

Netgear CAX80 combo modem / router. Router connection keeps dropping off several times during the day

I purchased this Netgear CAX80 in Oct 2021. At the time a high end modem/router ($400). I can say fairly OK for the last 17 months. However, during the last week (early Mar 2023) I've had to reset the modem multiple times during the day (3x) after loosing all the WiFi network connections. I have done the following w/o any successful results:

1. Changed the SSID name & paswords for all the netwoks

2. Changed the modem/router location

3. Plugged the modem/router directly to wall outlet (it used to be plugged to a power strip)

Because the router is out of warranty I can't get proper support from Netgear

Today, during another router outage I decided to test if hard wiring into the modem w/ ethernet cable I could get online. To my surprise, yes I was able to. So this tells me is the router section (WiFi) of this modem causing the problem. Again, I had to reset the modem to get everything working again. This can't be normal

Yesterday I called COX to check if they could help and the only thing they said was the normal ..."reset" ... which I know that resolves the problem temporarily. However, I shouldn't have to do that 3 or more times a day!!!

Has anyone else run into the same problem? What solutions did you apply to fix the issue.

Much appreciated for the forum feedback

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    I have heard bad things about the CAX80, specially about a bad power supply, so I would try replacing that first. However after some googling, looks like it is a proprietary connector, so you can only buy them second hand. Buyer beware. 

    With that said, if it is only effecting Wi-Fi, have you done a Wi-Fi analysis of your surrounding area? Is it effecting 2.4 and 5Ghz?

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      Thank you for your quick reply .. yes, it is affecting both networks (2.4 & 5Ghz). I just did the wifi analysis and they are both in channels w/o much activity (2 networks ea channel).

      As expressed in my original post I loose both networks at the same time.

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        What about wired devices? Do they stay connected, or do you lose them at the same time? It could be the modem side talking to Cox causing the issue.