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5 years ago

Multiple Issues Over The Last 11 Days In Las Vegas Area

I live in the Enterprise, Las Vegas area and have been told by tech support that for the last 11 days there have been regular intermittent outages. When I ask tech support when these outages will be resolved, they say they don't have access to that information. These outages have caused my upload speeds to either fluctuate wildly or drop out completely. I've had 3 techs out here over the last 11 days; the first said the lines in my front yard were loose, she tightened them and left. Shortly after she left the speeds dropped out again. No fix.

Call tech support again, you blamed me for my equipment, so I went and got the gigablast cox modem. The second tech came in the next day and said there was heat damage to one of the outside lines, which he replaced; he then scheduled a contractor to come by that day and replace the entire line, which happened. This second tech ruled out that my equipment was the problem because we had the same issues on the Cox modem. He took the modem back with him. No fix.

The third tech came out this morning, not aware of my situation in the least, once again, blaming my equipment, then telling me I would never get the speeds I want without a Fiber line. No fix. 

I've had this account for the past two months, all of Sept. and the beginning of Oct. I was receiving 800+ dl / 35up, very very steady. Starting on the 17th my upload speed began dropping out (pretty much for the entirety of the day). My download speed also fluctuates wildly in these times. 


Gigablast Speed

Wired connection thru a Motorolla Docsis 3.1 MB8600 Modem 

Google Meshing Router 

PC - MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro 

I've replaced all of my ethernet cables, tried Cox configured equipment, had front lines replaced by Cox techs and have had my account "red flagged". However until these daily outages go away I figure I'll still be dealing with this. Are outages every day for 11 days a usual occurrence for Cox? I was told these were all unscheduled outages; why would Cox not make an announcement to effected customers when the issues drag on like this?

I've eaten up about 15 hours of your tech support time on the phone for no resolution. Does Cox actually want to resolve this issue, and if so why do you keep sending level 1 tech's who are unaware of my situation out to my home to "restart my modem" and "get the cox modem" and "you need fiber" but "oh hey we don't offer fiber in your area". 

My biggest problem here is that I'm a streamer, it's my career and I work from home. I haven't been able to work in the past 8 days now and counting and will have to make a drastic change soon if Cox is unable to provide me the speeds and consistency I'm paying for. 

Incredibly frustrated customer. 

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    ive had multiple issues in the past month, losing packets constantly and can't get a steady connection for online gaming. had 2 techs out in the past 2 weeks, both looked at cabling and found "egress" and claimed to clear it out. same issue. I just upgraded to 300MBPS, same issue. I was going to try upgrading to Cox own equipment from my 3.1 and Netgear ORBI to see if that may solve it.

  • I live in the Silverado Ranch area and it just went *** up tonight at 7:50 pm.  I know this, because I've had pingplotter pinging for days and at 7:50 pm I started getting massive packet loss.  Modem has a plethora of T3 errors.  Checked my neighbors modem and his is screwed too.  Garbage infrastructure that they refuse to upgrade, because they have a monopoly on broadband.

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      BTW I'm in the NE near Lamb and Centennial. and exactly, *** monopoly leaves no other options. My final test is to TRY their panoramic router, just to document it. I'm expecting the same issue. Tuesday I had 3 techs at my house trying to fix it, replacing wiring in my ceiling and documenting ingress from the street. clearly a COX issue and not my house.

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        The only way an Ingress test is going to be helpful is if the problem is happening right right now what's going on down here, but they'll show up in a few days when the intermittent issues are gone and see no problem.

        I can tell you right now there is probably nothing wrong with your modem.  Check your modem levels and event log.  Ideally, your downstream power levels should be right at 0db and within a 3db window.  Upstream should be in the high 40's and within 1.5-3db of each other.  If the range varies for either of those, you'll get Dynamic Range Window errors.  SNR should be around 40

        T3 errors are super common and are usually caused by noisey lines...which falls back to their junk infrastructure which could be their street taps, cabling, or just a faulty modem card in the CMTS.

        They'll of course come out and swap your F-Type connectors a million times leading you to believe it's YOUR infrastructure, but it's not.  It's their junk.

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    @Handsome Chef, we cannot apologize enough for the ongoing service issues. Our Gigablast customers are unable to receive Fiber installations at this time. I did some research, and it appears you reside in an area that is experiencing intermittent network issues. We are working to update the network infrastructure to provide a more improved experience, and we are hoping to have this restoration work completed within the next 3-5 days. If internet issues persist once this outage is cleared, please reach out to us at, Facebook, or Twitter. We truly want to resolve this for you in any way we can. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      "we are hoping to have this restoration work completed within the next 3-5 days"

      5 days to the dot after you replied to my posting here my internet speeds recovered to their regular speeds and the outage notifications went away. Two days ago however, these EXACT same upload speed drops began occurring again. No notification of any outage. 

      Please tell me whats going on with my internet. You credited me for almost the entire month of Oct. because my upload speed was non-existent, which you admitted was a Cox infrastructure issue. Now I'm supposed to believe this infrastructure issue is resolved, I get regular service for a week and then the same problems reappear? I have a business to run, I don't care how many credits you issue me, the lost revenue from having no upload speed has been devastating to my business. 

      Reference the ORIGINAL post by me above for details on this persistent issue. I'm coming here because its absolutely worthless calling you guys, and when I posted this originally I actually got an honest response. 

      And a final rant; how about when you have an outage you notify your customer base so we can plan our activities around your "service". 

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        @HandsomeChef, it appears that work has been completed in your area, and your modem has been online for 7 days. Can you please unplug the modem, and plug it back in after about twenty seconds? Please also:

        1.) Ensure the PC/laptop's software is up-to-date with the latest operating system. Here's some additional information:

        2.) Clear the cookies/cache from your web browser and reboot your PC/laptop

        3.) Perform another speed test on a hard-wired connection and share the results of your download and upload speeds. For best results, please use the Cox Internet Speed Test tool

        -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator