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3 years ago

Maybe COX can explain why...

I get around 10 MPS, complain on their web chat, it magically goes up to 179 MPS until the next day when it's back down to 12 MPS. I pay for 150 MPS. My equipment is new and up to date (I'm a 17 year IT professional). COX says it doesn't throttle (limit speeds), I say they do. A few months back they said big changes were coming to my area, south eastern Virginia and their would be interruptions.I assumed they were replacing cable with fiber. Seems their big change was to get much lower than paid for Internet speeds.

Also, why is it when there is an outage, I have to phone them to get a credit for it. They now when service is down. How about if I don't pay them for days I don't use the Internet, would they appreciate that? I pay for 24/7 service. I understand issues occur, but when they do a responsible company would make it right and not have the customer call and beg for a credit.