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4 years ago

Is COX in denial with packet loss and MS spikes? Southern CA

For the last month I have had constant packet loss between 6%-25% at all times of the day along with MS spiked from 20-500 non stop. I have already have 6 techs come out to my house and all but 1 tech told me that they cant find anything wrong. I had one Authorized tech tell me he couldn't even track packet loss and could only check signal strength.....This is getting out of control, I even had a rep online ping my router and tell me "oh yea I see you are getting 11% packet loss right now...but I cant do anything" At this point I don't even know what to do with COX. They have a monopoly in most of orange county and I literally don't have the option to switch to another provider which I don't understand how that is even legal?

Here is a example of what I am pinging right now to

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    Short answer yes, long answer yeeeeeeeeeesssss. Yes they are in denial. 

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    it something backend related, 100000%. you need to email them and keep pushing to get it fixed,

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      This is the response I get from COX now when I asked for a tech, they are literally making it impossible for you to even schedule appts anymore LOL

      4:46 PM
      They have actually set an outage today due to congestion in the area. When outages are posted, we are unable to schedule appointments. You can always check on the status updates on the Cox Connect app or your account on via mobile or
      . If concerns would remain once restored, please reach out to us and we can help set up an appointment to have a tech return for more testing. -Dan
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        Also, the outage warning you get doesn't mean there is a field team working on the problem. I use to walk to the CTMS box each night it would go up and walk the neighborhood where my node ties in and there was never a cox crew doing anything. Its just a block from tier 1 dispatching techs for known infrastructure short falls.