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NV - Intermittent latency spikes and packet loss, mostly in the evening

Maybe somebody here wants to see if they can explain what is going on.  For months now I have had short periods of poor service almost always in the evening.  I have had multiple techs out who could find no issue.  I have replaced every piece of equipment on my side of the connection, including the cable modem, at the suggestion of cox support.  I have been put on "home monitoring" and been told nothing indicates any of the lines leading to my modem need to be replaced.  I sometimes get error messages in the event log of the modem and have corrected/uncorrected packet counts but those do not correspond to the time of these interruptions.

Nobody seems to want to admit there is an issue or seems to get back to me with any information.  I started documenting the issue at the end of December here

From 2020-02-25

From 2020-02-26

  • Ive been in the exact same boat since november, had about 15+ techs come out. with "field supervisors" and they all say the exact same thing, they will monitor the internet because nothing is found the time they come, they end up seeing the packet loss in multiple modems in my neighborhood. and then they go on to say they will get in contact with their supervisor, after a few texts they always stop replying. even after saying "just keep calling me at this point i want to get this fixed for you". it started small at first and it go super annoying, upgraded to gigablast, it got slightly better. and these past few weeks its literally unusable while gaming. non stop packet loss and latency veriation. atleast now when i run the speed tests on and cox website the download is for the most part steady, but ive been using the cox website because there it shows a high jitter, which i googled and it said anyting above 15-20 can cause latency and packet loss. my jitter was 40 just right now on the last test. I also live in las vegas Lakemead and Lamb. today we downgraded to the package we had before because its pointless to be paying 110+ to not be bale to use it on anything else than youtube. sadly the only provider in my community is cox so im stuck till they get it fixed! but i better get credit when its all fixed. LITERALLY SINCE NOVEMBER!

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