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12 months ago

Internet outages all the time in 74146

I'm trying to find out if they even offer a reason for the outages anymore because Cox is the only company I can get at my apartment and 90% of the time I can't even use it and they won't tell me why. I'm about to just cancel it and get a better phone plan with a big Hotspot because at least then I'd be able to use it and not pay 200$ a month for nothing. I just want to know if this will ever stop. It's literally every other day it goes down for almost the entire day and they're a monopoly in my area so I can't get AT&T or anything else. This is ridiculous. I want answers. (Tulsa, OK zip code 74146)

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  • I’ve been having the same problem. Zip 74115. It started before the storm. Everyday there would be multiple outages. Then it worked fine for a little while after the power came back on. For the past week every single day there are multiple outages. I used the chat option asking if they were working on whatever is causing the daily outages but got no answers. I guess I’ll have to actually call them and hopefully find a solution.