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12 months ago

Internet Outages AGAIN!!

I have had 4 outages in the last week in my area/neighborhood near Buffalo and Summerlin Parkway. (7 total in the last 3 weeks)

I called Friday to get credited for the outages and Cox did but when asked why or will these keep happening?.. nothing.

I understand COX is going to keep us in the dark about what causes their problems but for the amount we pay there should be some "communication" (haa, get it!) from them about a service that we rely on now as much as power and water!

This has made me start looking to get a second connection which I should have to do. And Cox doesn't care they have the monopoly over most the area. A class action suit would be nice.

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    I've never had worse service than we're getting right now in Vegas.

    We've had 'service disruption in your area' messaging in blue or red consistently for the last ~2 months at Durango and Alexander.

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    I'm near Buffalo and Summerlin Parkway as well and haven't noticed any outages at all 🤔

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      If you had a stand alone modem, I would ask for you to go into the logs and post your CMTS MAC, which is NOT private but can help isolate where you are without giving physical address info.

      BTW I notice you have a profile picture now.  Could you explain what it is? Looks kind like a jet but can't tell.

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    We’ve had an outage 22 days in a row. Have had 2 techs out and called  repeatedly. Asked to speak to a supervisor. They acknowledge the outages, but can’t tell us why is it will ever be resolved. It’s at the exact same time, everyday. 4:13 pm. We are shopping for an alternative as well. Beyond frustrated.

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    I hear Vegas is very hot right now. Do you notice the outage when it's hottest out, like high noon?

    As for a second connection, I know they offer cellular backup if you get their security system.  Then again, I also heard they recently ditched their security platform for another provider so that may not be current. Cox Business(CB) also offers a cellular backup that can be added to any CB package. You could probably get the same effect with a router that accepted tethered phones via USB and had a failover function. I know you can with Asus routers, but plenty of other manufactures offer this feature as well. My point is you have options.

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    The reason you got nothing, is because the person you were speaking to has no idea as to whether the problem is completely resolved, or not. They are not in the Maintenance team, nor the Field Service team, and they have no idea, so cannot answer you. Kinda like going to college for physics and calculus, and asking why the earth is round. Getting a credit means either talking to someone in billing, they are not going to have ANY information on technical issues, or someone in tech support tier 1, THEY can help you with your service specifically. If you ask to be escalated to CAG, someone there MAY have access to further information because they have more access in the system, but again, since they are not in the field, they may not be able to provide you a definitive answer.