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4 years ago

Internet outage 70116

Hi, I'm in louisiana 70116 and it's been days since the storm happened and me and my family still do not have internet service.

According to an article I read on this issue they stated that 91 percent of customers are back online in my area. Then why do we not have service?

This had been so frustrating, we need the internet on so we can work and school from home.

I have gotten no help or information about this.

Why does cox treat their customers like this?

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hello Fortunecat,

    I hear you that you are out while others in your area are online. There is still an investigation open in your area to address services in a couple streets still, and there is not yet an update as to when this will be cleared. While work continues in the area, you may see service come in and go out until the outage alert clears from My Account or on the Cox App (if you're checking or receiving outage alerts through the App). If once the outage clears and you're still without service, please reach out to support for further assistance.

    Cox Forum Support Moderator
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      Same here for 70116.  There are absolutely no outage notifications and when I contact support they tell me it is a problem with my modem.  I would love for a supervisor to review my tech support logs, esp the chat logs.  

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        I've checked that area it the outage was cleared on 11/5/20 at 12:18 pm.

        Jonathan J
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