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Internet connection dropping for 30 seconds or more many times a day.

Never had serious issue with Cox before, we had an outage due to what I assume was a storm about a week ago and immediately after that my modem reset for "network maintenance." Ever since then my connection has been shoddy at best, It drops out many times a day and sometimes is out for a couple minutes. Any packet loss test or speed test I've ran doesn't seem to see a persistent issue. Ive resent my modem multiple times and made sure all wires are connected all the way, but so far no luck. It happens with both my wifi and wired connections, on both my modem and router. I think ive read a couple other posts about connection problems after maintenance but all I see from Cox is that everything is good to go. Any insight as to what may be causing this would be appreciated, I have changed nothing about my set up since the maintenance so im concerned as to why this issue is happening so frequently. Thanks.

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  • Hi Colton,

    I am so very sorry to learn of your connection loss. Please if you would send us an email to with your address so that we can review the modem diagnostics. Be sure to include this URL in your email. We await your response.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator