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3 years ago

Intermittent drops this last week in Virginia

I have the Technicolor CGM4331 (the White modem rented out from cox) and ive been having random reboots from my modem most notably many times during the afternoon to evening. Ive reached out to chat twice, the first got me a tech assist same day which was great. The tech replaced connectors but he was still getting some interference that he said the maintenance people have to fix on their end but its not enough for them to come out. I tried to see if there were any logs on the default IP address and found nothing on these drops. I checked my CoxWifi App and when it does go down the light on it is still white but its offline. As i am writing this it died on me again and came back up after a minute or two. I honestly dont know what to do now, I have another tech coming out in a few days but im assuming they wont find anything. Hopefully no one else has this issue

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    Where is va ? I had a weird issue today. I had to reboot my modem and router because of some strange issue. The orbi even claimed it was online. I had to drop my cam because it opens a coxxwifi hotspot at your house and interferes with WiFi signal

  • Hi RemmyFish,

    I'm happy to hear that you have a tech scheduled to come out and troubleshoot further. I suggest checking all the connections, make sure they are all tightly connected. Do you have any splitters on the cable line? Also, check your power supply. I found that using a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) helped with some transient power issues I was having that caused my equipment to go on/off.

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