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4 years ago

Increased bill by $51 after upgrading with +$1 promotion

I upgraded from preferred $81 to ultimate $82 with +$1 promotion on 8/3. $1 difference would not affect major increase in my next bill. But OMG the next bill due by 9/14 (8/23-9/24) is $133 ($82 plus the partial month service $51). I donot understand where the partial month service of $51 came from. I think this may be a bug in calculation when I upgraded a service in the website. Do you guys have any idea that I missed or similar experiences? Thanks.

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    I see you sent us an email and we have replied if there's anything else we can access with please email us @

    Jonathan J
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      It doesn’t help. changing the service during the billing cycle increased the bill. 

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        Hello Dundee2002,

        Changing the due date creates prorates on the next bill, meaning that the next bill may be higher than normal. If you have questions about your internet service, please continue to utilize the Internet Forum. For any billing questions, please continue to contact our other avenues of support for billing.

        Cox Forum Support Moderator