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4 years ago

Huge spike in data usage since switching to Gigablast

My brother and I switched to Gigablast last month, and this current cycle we have used more data each day (according to our Cox online account) than we did during our HIGHEST usage day last billing cycle. Is this due to Gigblast and having the ability to download things faster and in higher quality? We have not changed anything in terms of the number of devices using the internet, streaming significantly more shows, games, videos, etc. We have maintained our usage of devices, yet, we have apparently used 86% of our 1.28 TB data plan in 13 days (almost exactly what we used in 30 days last cycle). This is very strange. Has anyone else had a similar issue? What can we do about it, besides upgrading our data plan, which we are trying to avoid?

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  • What you mentioned could very well be the cause. With a faster connection it will consume data faster while streaming and especially if you are viewing higher quality content (like something in 4k).

    Cox Support Forum Moderator