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5 months ago

How to: Fix error selecting hyperlink in VBA

If you get the error "cannot locate the Internet server or proxy server" when selecting a hyperlink in VBA code, the following website contains instructions for a registry edit to fix the problem.  I made the Regedit update explained, rebooted my PC and my VBA code began working properly again. 

Cannot locate the Internet or proxy server when selecting hyperlink in Microsoft Office

This post doesn't specifically relate to Cox, but it solves an issue that uses Cox provided Internet.  If someone is helped, that's close enough.

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    Just a thought, your link says - 

    • Internet Explorer isn't your default browser.
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      What about it? That was accurate, albeit redundant.  Internet Explorer isn't my default browser, but that's true for just about everybody.  It also said I'm using Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is inaccurate.  The last bullet point for cause referenced the workaround that fixed my issue.  I think it was HTTPS websites I couldn't access with a hyperlink in VBA code.  Now I can.