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4 years ago

How to cheat customers ?

I have been playing PC games for 25 years and i have been playing pretty much the same game.

-Dota-2 and Counter Strike

So, when it was year 2005 -2013 people were not able to use high speed internet. I used to play those game with 128 kbps download speed to 1mbps download speed.

Since online games are not dependent on the download speed i was able to play those games with 50-60 ms ping without lags or delays.

Last 2 years I was in NY and my download speed was 10 Mbps and i had no issue while i play online games.

Let's come to the main point.

I moved to Virginia and in my apartment there is only cox as an internet service provider.

When i applied for the internet service the guy from Cox insisted on me to buy 150 mbps internet if i want to play games ??!!!

I taught why would i need that speed ? i don't even utilize that speed when i play my games 1 mbps internet is more than enough ( supposed to be, in normal conditions)

Then i bought 10 mbps internet , but there is no chance that you can play games with that internet because you loaded latency is always more than 700 ms.

then i called cox maybe 12 times , i explained them i want my loaded latency to be lowered to around 40-60 ms ( which is normal ). The guys in technical support ( they are not technical ) have no idea and only thing they can offer is upgrading my internet , 10 mbps is so slow you cant play games ???!!!! Excuse me !!! Are you kidding ?!!!

After 12 times ( btw they told me to pay 10 dollars per month for 3 moths for NOTHING , if i want cox support crew in my apartment to check my internet ). Let me mention that , this is crazy. This guys from COX they just come to you house and check your download speed :))))))))) THis is so funny  and if its OK . you pay 75 dollars since DL speed is fine. I would like to use better words to descriBE COX internet but i am not like them.

Whatever , this guys don't know that people can check their DL speed by just using a website. They don't want to talk about the loaded latency since they know that they are guilty.

Let me explain why we have loaded latency if you choose 10 mbps internet.

Its basically , when you play games you send bigger packages to the server but COX does not allow you to send those big packages to the server. That is why you see that delay even though your ping looks fine. It's master degree of cheating in internet service history !!!!!

This guys know what they are doing and they never talk about loaded latency even though you try to bring the topic to loaded latency. What they say is , 10 mbps internet is only for e-mail ahahahahahahahahaha. The biggest joke in the world . Who are you deciding this ??? Oh sorry you are the guy who closes the valve . Sorry COX .

If you choose to get upgraded servide and PAY MORE , you have better loaded latency. However Before you buy COX internet let me tell you this 10 and 50 does not work on games . 150 works but not the best . 150 Gaming works but it's more than expensive.

Don't buy cox.

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    Doesn't surprise me one bit. This company is nothing but a rip off and a racket. My internet data usage tripled after 4 months around 600mg. And the very month it spiked up, my daughter, her gaming PC, her tablet, cell phone and roku streaming device moved out with her AND I went back to the office after working from home for 4 solid months using my home wifi. How is this possible? It's me, a cell phone and one tv and I rarely watch. All Cox can tell me is that I need to buy the unlimited data plan. NO WAY! The wouldn't help me one bit! I have changed my password on my router three times. No help. I don't have a Cox modem so they claim they cant see which devices are sucking all the data?  I call BS! I'm so sick of their **. I'm over it. Switching service tomorrow. I'm over being robbed every month. Enjoy the *** service folks. 

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      Hello, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and brief description of this concern to so we can assist you. Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    10 mbps internet is only for e-mail

    Those must be some emails.

  • @Mumin Cam, What speeds are you currently getting? Also, please have a device perform a pingplotter test and/or traceroute to the server in question so we can see what is going on. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      I am currently using 10mbps internet , i am having no issues with the download speed. Problem is whenever i play games i have delay. Please use below link to see the pingplotter data. I play Dota-2 on the America East server and the this data is coming from the same server.