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2 years ago

How do I escalate an outage going on a week

My internet has been out going on a week now.  The first 3 days that I called, the disruption was blamed on a Cox outage, so not one phone technician took MY outage seriously.

On day 4, I called when the "outage" was supposed to be over... "service normal", but not for me.  I was finally able to get them to send a technician to my home, on day 5, who was quick to find that my modem and line going outside were just fine.  He put in a request to send out another technician, "who should be there within 24 hours", to replace whatever was wrong with the pedestal outside my house, because he "wasn't getting any signal" to the pedestal.  The 2nd tech arrived on the same day... but didn't talk to us. After talking to phone support today, my wife found that he wasn't able to fix the issue either.

Talking to support again, they tried to get a "Supervisor Technician" out tomorrow, given how long this has been going on.  When scheduling, she then came back and said that her system was erroring out, and the soonest a tech could get out is Sunday... 3 more days?  How do I escalate this matter?  I can buy service elsewhere and have it established by tomorrow... so 3 more days is unacceptable.  If one of the phone technicians took this matter seriously on day 1, this matter would be over already.

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    The person you spoke with last indicated there was an error with their scheduling system.  (How reliable is the Sunday appointment if the scheduling system wasn't available)?  Fixing an internal system is probably a high priority to Cox.  It probably won't take three days.  Call back to see if you can get your tentatively scheduled appointment moved forward.  Given the nature of your issue, they might send someone out the next morning or possibly the same day.