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5 years ago

How can I get cox to stop blocking email from a friend in Kansas?

On November 11 cox decided to start blocking email from a friend of mine who served as a Col. in the US Army for years. She has been corresponding with me by email for years without any problems. Cox decided to block her from sending me email. I was told last night by level II technician that if I obtained certain information from the many lines of error messages sent to her by cox, that things could be fixed. My friend forwarded the blocked message from cox to a birdwatcher forum at the University of Kansas. Then she logged into that forum and sent me the email That cox generated about blocking her. I have spent today trying to get things fixed. I have done thing after thing that I was told to do by a Cox representative. One technician claimed that the problem must be because I was over my mail quota and seemed to have problems understanding when I said that webmail at cox said I was using only 8.4 MB out of an allotted 2 GB. I have had to repeatedly provide information to identify myself.

Now  the latest information From cox is that my friend needs to provide further information about her IP address by googling something to find her IP address. I received a lot of technical jargon from the cox technician that I do not understand. I feel like I was given a bunch of Greek or Latin or some other language. I am a paying customer and do not understand why cox resolutely keeps moving the goal posts so that every time I try and get things fixed, I am told the solution is something different. The last technician seem to be implying that my friend was spamming me And that that was why the block was put in place. She has never spammed me. I am a 78 year old senior in poor health and email is just about the only way I have of communicating with many of my friends. Now cox is starting to cut off that channel. Why? I pay my bills on time.

Cox decided to block the IP address and surely must know what they are blocking. I sent cox all of the information that it had sent my friend. Every last error message. I don't know why cox can't figure out why they are blocking my friend from sending email and remove the block. I do not understand computer jargon. I have a PhD in science but simply do not understand computer jargon. I would like to know why cox has decided that my friend has done something wrong.

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    Here is an example of some of the types of information that a Cox webpage says it needs to be able to unblock.

    • Domain
    • IP/CIDR range of outgoing email servers
    • From the following choices, indicate the item that best describes the issue you are experiencing.
      • My IP address is being blocked
      • My domain is being blocked
      • My email is being marked as spam
      • My email is not arriving to the intended recipients
      • My email is being delayed
      • Other
    • Include a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing, such as the date and time when the problem began and the corrective action that has been taken.
    • Include email server logs related to the issues.

    Note: Due to the technical nature of the requested information, this email should be submitted by an email administrator or other technical contact that is familiar, and can obtain, all of the requested details.

    Notice that the above Note suggests that because of the technical nature of the required information, and email administrator or other technician should obtain the details. I am not an email administrator nor is my friend. I am just a customer.

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      This is not so much about your friend as it is the provider that handles her email. If their emails to Cox are being refused they should be getting some sort of error message indicating why items are being refused. The email provider can visit to find out more information about the rejection codes given and steps to take to address them.