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5 years ago

Homelife Hub Connection Problem

Homelife Hub Connection Problem.

Unplugged and relocated the working hub to paint (fired back up no problem) but when I moved it back to its original outlet several hours later it failed to reconnected.  I have rebooted everything, reset everything, had a tech come out (he swapped out the old hub and new one wouldn't connect either---now he has to send someone else out). I have been told to change my wireless channel setting in my router which I did, but nothing seems to work.

Hub turns on, goes in into pair mode, is recognized by my wireless router and connects but WITHOUT INTERNET and consistently fails to connect to the Cox Server......any suggestions

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    Hi Mogz, if you are still experiencing issues with our Homelife service, can you please include a link to this forum thread and email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator