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4 years ago

Here we go again, again Las vegas

Internet down since 11am . High packet loss across the board. Getting 80 percent p/l to when I ping anything outside of here,, etc. But when i ping itself pings are fine no p/l . I just got my internet back after being down for 3 weeks. Please help. Modems been restarted tech is scheduled. How does my signal look? Help. Help

 Help. Were worthless here without our internet. The kids are crying and  lost! Help :) 

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  • Melissa,

    We will want to keep your appointment reserved for a technician to ascertain the cause of the service issues. You can view the Gateway's DS and US levels by connecting to the Gateway and typing within the address bar of your browser and hit enter. Enter your Admin and password to access Gateway > Connection > Cox Network. There you can view the DS and US frequency, SNR, and Power levels.

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