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4 years ago

Has anyone received the emergency broadband benefit?

Although I qualify through a Pell Grant, and the government approved me in about ten seconds, Cox won't sign me up. The third party site called is a waste of time and rejected me for my name not matching my id, which is not true, my name matches my id perfectly.

I reported the situation to the FCC but if anyone knows how to actually get things to go through please let me know.

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  • Hello 1221,

    For questions regarding your status or the process of, you can contact from the link provided below.

    Refer to the Assistance Guide on the website or submit an support request.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Yeah I received it once and now being told that I'm getting it somewhere else. I've lived in the same place for 4 years. Just got off chat with a agent who left me on hold only to give me an 877 number that of course you can't reach anyone. I wasn't even worried about it until they offered if. Don't make *** up now.