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5 years ago

Great Install!!!

Had a great install last week!!!

Brand new to Cox, after being with ATT (and SBC before that) for the past 20+ years. The original coax to my house was original (30+ years old), so the installer pulled brand new coax to the junction box (with my assistance - push and pull), as we pulled around 200-ft of new RG-6 coax across and down the street, and through the yard. Not super easy, but not too bad. Just hooked-up the modem at the same place the old ATT modem was, and not using any of the old coax in the house. Couple of things:

1. Using Google Wi-Fi mesh system, which I had to get with ATT, as their wi-fi had a range of almost 3-ft. I tried putting the modem in bridge mode, but that killed everything. Rather, I got out of bridge mode and disabled both wifi bands. Works great!!! Not sure how this compares with the panoramic pods, or even how the panoramic modem wifi range is, but you can't really beat a mesh system for range. As a result of this, I didn't have to readdress anything - just turned all electronics back on, and everything worked. 

2. Changed to Google DNS on IE. The default from Cox had a horrible lag. No lag at all with the Google DNS.

3. Impressive speeds - almost double the 150Mbps down and 10Mbps up. I attribute a lot of that to the completely new cable runs.

4. Great installer - worked with me to provide exactly what I wanted (which I had figured out before-hand). 

5. Using the old Directv DECA internet over coax to run hard-wired internet to my streaming roku boxes. As they're hard wired, it works great. These are not connected to the main coax system, so there's no interference. 

By the way, just looking through my files, my internet bill with ATT (SBC back in 1998) was $40/month for 384K speeds.

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