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4 years ago

Gigabummer - Speeds not as adverstised

We have an Arris Surfboard SBG8300 Modem Router Combo.  We were getting 900 download and 36 upload for the first two weeks using a LAN connection.  The Coax goes right from the side of the house straight into the Arris Surfboard SBG8300 Modem Router Combo.   There were riots about 0.5 miles from her during the past 7 days.  Cox denies outages or problems in the area.  This website shows that cox is having problems very close to us on the map indicated in our  Zip 85251

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    File a complaint with the FCC, if enough people do this we can hopefully get resolution. 

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      I will be contacting the FCC for sure.  Cox is unable to supply the services that they advertise due to uncontrolled demand due to stay at home/work at home.

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        FCC Complaint Filed:  

        FCC <>

        12:06 PM (0 minutes ago)
        to me
        ##- Please type your reply above this line -##

        Hi Kelly,

        Thank you for your submission. Your request has been received and assigned Ticket No. 4022694. Throughout the complaint process, you will receive periodic emails updating you about the status of your complaint.

        If you have information to add to your complaint, please respond directly to this email.

        You can view a list of frequently asked questions about the informal complaint process at:

        Your submission provides the FCC with important information we can use to develop policies to protect consumers, remedy violations of the Communications Act, and encourage future compliance with the law.

        Thank you for your help in furthering the FCC’s mission on behalf of consumers.

  • Hi Cstclair, I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing any issues with internet services. For area information please download/install the Cox app. We can help troubleshoot internet connection and speed issues. Please email us at cox/, or use a social media account such as Twitter @coxhelp, or Facebook. Our Social Media Team is available 24/7 to assist.

    Thank you,

    Mike J.
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      I'm assuming this comes from company policy, but redirecting these messages to DM or email lacks transparency and conceals useful discussion the rest of the Cox community might want benefit from.

      There's been a number of capacity complaints filed in the last week... does Cox have any reason to believe there might be intermittent line capacity issues affecting some regions? And if yes, why is the status banner not being updated to reflect that issue?

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      Hi Mike, We spent over an hour on the phone with Cox yesterday troubleshooting.  Factory Reset the Modem Router, pushed new single to the modem/router, installed updates to computer and restarted, and the Cox tech remoted into the computer to do a speed test (waaaasssssstttttteeeee of time!).  This is a BRAND NEW OUT OF the box modem/router that had no problems with speed until 8 days ago when the looting/damage occurred 0.5 miles from here.  Something happened and I just do not understand why Cox cannot tell if there is a line/supply problem remotely.  We have an appt between 10-12 on Tue 6/9/20.  Will keep you posted.

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        Let us know if you have further concerns once the technician leaves.

        Jonathan J
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      The Home Wiring Services Contractor Tech, Nick, came out to the house to do testing today.  He found the throughput test at the tap showed full gigablast speed (box in alleyway).  The packet quality test showed no packet loss.  The jitter  showed 75 ms and the other packet quality test number was 250ms.  So we are paying $109/mo for 900 mbps lan connection speed and we can only expect to get 200 mbps.  Nick suggested downgrading to the 300 mbps plan until Cox can add more servers. 

      Basically, Cox is required to and plans to, add 25% more server capacity each year.  In March, with COVID-19 Shut down, the demand increased so much that Cox would have to add 4 years (100%) more server capacity in one weeks' time to meet the new stay at home/work at home demand.  Right now all Cox can do is move demand around to hit other servers when customers complain.  Cox is going to need to process some serious refunds and downgrades of service until they can supply the speeds that they promise / advertise.

      Also, I will be contacting Cox again because Nick was saying that there still could be a node in the area that was damaged during the looting 0.5 mi from this house.  The reduced speed coincided with the unrest we experienced two weeks ago.