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Gigablast NOT

For two weeks not getting near the gigablast speed. After many techs and all of my equipment checked and cleared , nothing being fixed. It is not my tap in  it is ether your node or the server for the OKC system. Ether way you are quick to charge if we go over on data but not to repair what we pay for.

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  • Hi sfnokc1996,

    We can certainly investigate this issue and address your concerns; however, we will need some additional information in order to do so. Please email my team at with this post, your full name, and your complete service address.

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    I had the same issues. Finally got someone to come out that wasnt a contractor and has been with Cox a while and knew what he was doing. Come to find out, the Panoramic Wifi Modems are not all Equal.   he went through 5 modems in his truck before he got one to work.  he even let me hook my laptop direct up and verify gig speeds before he left. 

    I then hooked up to my network and gig speeds went away.  Went back to the modem direct connect and gig was still there so I knew then it was a Me issue..  Found out my Wifi Router even though it supports Gigabit, couldn't support gig speeds, plus firewall, usb device and 20+ wifi devices.   the CPU couldn't keep up.   So got a new Router Problem solved.

    This info may or may not help you.. Took me 3 months of techs to get the one guy who literally went through 5 modems till he found one that worked.   (Also Later on I ended up buying my own so I wouldnt have to rent)