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Gigablast for $160/month? Getting basic package speeds.

I am paying 160/month for what I thought was supposed to be fast, reliable internet as I work from home very frequently, even pre-pandemic. Cannot remember when the last tech came out, but there were obviously issues because when they left there were wires all over my back yard.

The tech came back in and said he noticed some issues, but all he really ended up doing was putting a silver connector between the coax cable and the modem. Not even sure what it is, some sort of booster or something? Didn’t get an explanation, but nonetheless our connection has continued to degrade and I’m sitting here paying 160 thinking that maybe someday I’ll get something more than a temporary “bandaid” fix.

I know how to troubleshoot the equipment, I worked as a tech support rep for Cox years ago. I also know that with gigablast, I’ll probably never reach that gig mark, but I shouldn’t be getting 20 Mbps from an iPhone 30 feet from my panoramic WiFi modem.

I’ve had services with Cox in the past that have been pretty reliable. I lived in a densely populated area here in Omaha, NE for quite a while and I was happy with the 300 Mbps I was paying for. The only difference now is that I am paying $160/month and only getting the benefits of their slowest internet package, maybe tier 2 on a good day.

what are my options here? Is this more infrastructure related? Is it time to maybe upgrade your equipment in this neighborhood instead of coming out and putting bandaids on everything then charging me for truck rolls? I’m extremely close to taking the modem back and going elsewhere for something I can actually count on. Calling in tomorrow to talk with someone about getting credits on my bill for the last x amount of months since the last tech “fixed” it. I should be getting back the difference between the cost of gigablast and the cost of the speeds I’m actually getting.

Forgive my frustration, but I’ve paid over $1600 in the last 10 months only to continue to be disappointed. Need a legitimate solution to this issue or I’m out.

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    I shouldn’t be getting 20 Mbps from an iPhone 30 feet from my panoramic WiFi modem.

    You could be getting 20 Mbps via WiFi if other devices are sharing your Panoramic.  It all depends on the number of other devices.  A noisy channel could also cause latency, for example, a neighbor's router is broadcasting on the same WiFi channel as your Pano.

    Is the "silver connector" plugged into the wall?  If not, it's probably a splitter for your coaxial cable.  As a Cox tech rep for years, how could you not know this device?

    Besides your wireless speed test, what do you measure directly connected to the modem?

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      The “silver connector” is not plugged into the wall. Please refer to my previous post for details. Had I been a field technician, sure I would probably know what the “silver connector” is.

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        Post your modem log and preform and post results of a speed test directly connected to the modem.  No wireless spreed test.

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    Hello Casey, I am sorry to hear you are experiencing slow speeds. This appears as if you may need someone to investigate your account personally. We would be able to assist you with this. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.

    Thank you.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Check AT&T's site and see if they offer fiber in your area its a million times better then cox and far cheaper you get 1000 download and upload here and no data caps,also you get a dedicated line and not a shared node where your at the mercy of 200 or more people using the same line messing up your net and bandwidth.

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      I have been experiencing slow speeds too!!  I pay $160 a month too for months now since September it has been super slow and intermittently loses connection then comes back online.  The attempts to fix the speed does no good.  I pay for customer care for nothing.  If I have to upgrade to a panoramic modem I shouldn't have to - Jazon states he has been experiencing slow speeds  too. 

      Cox what do think about this? because this it's not the first time I have read customers getting slower speeds.  Do you do any quality control on ur services throughout Vegas to make sure the lines are in  good condition to run these speeds?   What kind of business misleads us customers to believe we have faster speeds pay a premium for it and get speeds for a cheaper plan?

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        I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing speed issues. I did check the connection from this end and everything looks to be working as it should but your speedtest history does indicate plenty of room for improvement. Would it be possible to try connecting a PC directly to the modem and running a few more tests that way?