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5 years ago

Gigablast - Falsely Advertised Speeds

Not your typical rant about how the speeds aren't a Gigabit down or anything. No no, I'm talking about literally advertising one speed and my account saying I'm paying for another. 

I had previously held out on upgrading to Gigablast because the Upload speed was only 35Mbps. I was already on Ultimate getting 300 down and 30 Up, so I figured that while yes, the download is better, realistically I wasn't going to see that much of an improvement in my every day usage since your results will obviously be dependent on who is hosting what you're downloading, and I would only be getting 5Mbps better Up, which is honestly a margin of error. 

However the other day I saw that Gigablast was being advertised as up to 940Mbps Down and up to 1Gbps Up. I hopped on it immediately because that's effectively a Gig Down and Up, which is a great connection. 

Download is a little lacking - hitting about 600 on my hardwired desktop, but that was to be expected, honestly. What really got me was my Upload is hard set at 35Mbps. I checked my account, and when I go to "Upgrade Service" I see that I'm on the "Gigablast Internet" Plan. Clicking on the Full Details shows me the speeds that were advertised to me when I upgraded. Screenshot of what I see:

Digging deeper, though, when I go elsewhere under my account I find that the service details state I'm only getting that 35Mbps I wanted to avoid earlier:

So what gives? I only upgraded because it was literally advertised to me as effectively a Gigabit connection each way. After I sign up, though, I'm seeing I actually am only getting a fraction of that. Has anyone else had this experience? Who do I contact to get this rectified?

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    up to both ways & why i opt for 300/30 plan......300+/30+ both sides whether rj-45 or wi-fi.

    35up is advertised for gigablast

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      35 Up is not what is advertised, is my point. 

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        @Bttruman, The Gigablast upload speeds will vary depending on location. In your location, 35up is the max. -Allan, Cox Support Forums.