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4 years ago

Getting continuous packet loss and ping spikes throughout the day. Mesa Arizona

I have been troubleshooting this issue for two months now but it has not gained any traction. I have tried calling in multiple times but can never get past a level 1 support analyst. I have replaced my modem hoping that would make a difference but it is not.

I have performed traceroutes to confirm that the issue seems to be with a cox router -  5   201 ms    58 ms    48 ms [].

Been a customer for a very long time and pretty frustrated that it is impacting my work and other activities. 

A couple weeks ago some cox trucks were working in this neighborhood and the issues subsided for a few days. But after that it has come back once again. 

I would really like to get on the phone with a support engineer that can actually help me out.

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    Hi Patlock,

    Are you able to post the full traceroute that you ran? If you want more in-depth assistance you may want to send us an email at with your full name and address. That way we can take a closer look at your modem.

    Ben S.
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      Any way to remedy this? I've had 4 technicians out and they fixed the tap and a port on the tap. The issue still persists and like clockwork I am seeing 200ms to and 30% packetloss around 5pm every day (weekdays are usually worse). Getting 1-5% PL throughout every day. Makes some activities impossible. 

      Could it be something in the neighborhood or an issue with one of the nodes. I have seen 20+ cox trucks in this area over the last few weeks so I am assuming there are numerous problems going on. 

      Any way to get a L2 or L3 tech to actually diagnose the problem? I have been a customer for a really long time. 

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        Patlock...where in Mesa are you?  We were having consistent issues late October thru November)Power and McDowell area).  Tech reran cable line, replaced a splitter that was in node for no reason.  Minor hardware stuff.  Still had issues after that work.  Then they replaced a board in street node early this month.  It's been better.

        We were experiencing similar outages like clockwork at 6 PM and often around 9 AM.  Was a pain and it became predictable.

        Cox has upgrade issues they are dealing with, which was acknowledged one day by a rep in Fla. I spoke with.

        I have an old Arris Surfboard modem.  Works fine. Always has...It's on their end.

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      I will send the full traceroute via email to Thank you for the reply