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3 years ago

Frequent Outages

I have noticed an uptick in short outages in recent time where the cable and internet go down for 10-15 minutes. I would say at least 3 times a week and the times are not consistent. Anyone else noticing this issue over the last month or so (September - October 2021)?

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    Same here . Too many outages. Are you in Irvine, CA too?

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    I am getting outages for 3-5 hours twice or sometimes thrice a week. In last 19 days I must have had at least 5 outages lasting more than 4-5 hours. It is getting very challenging to work from home.

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      Hi @Prasad
      I definitely understand how frustrating it is to have frequent outages and have no information on when relief will come. We can further investigate this issue for you, just email us at with your full name and address.
      Ben S.
      Cox Support Forums Moderator