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Frequent disconnects during day, almost no internet near midnight every night.

As far as I can see, my line goes from pole to router. Ive a nighthawk router from netgear. My last thread got locked because I didnt have time to keep it going. Right as I am typing this, out outbound is hitting 75-100% loss making every action we try to do online fail. I am a robot to everyone on discord. Usually a reboot will fix it for a while but not at night. Several downstream channels have 20m+ uncorrectables and one of the 4 upstreams fail to lock in, and are around 51 in power. I dunno what is good or not but if there is any agent on right this moment who has time to spend and wouldnt mind helping me troubleshoot this, please do. We've rebooted several times, and each time it takes forever for it to lock in the channels.

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