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12 months ago

Fire tier 1 support and Flag FCC.

I know there a lot of upset customers, and tier 1 support telling you to reset your modem or doing it remotely then saying all is well. Only to have the problem return. Either COX over sold a node or signal amps are going out. If your the customer that has loose coaxial connections then yeah you deserve to be charge a tech fee of 75 or more. But if it's no that simple then you need to have your voice heard by alerting the Fcc about COX robbing the customer at this link

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    It is important that you clearly document the problem before filing a FCC complaint. Signal levels, packet loss, event logs, etc. It's usually good to have a technician or two out to troubleshoot the issue as well. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a Cox technician who has the tools/training/time to troubleshoot advanced problems like noise/ingress. The FCC complaint is a good route to go when all else has failed not the first place to turn. Not all problems are loose connections or bad amps. There is a lot in-between that can go wrong.

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      Yes when it's a qualified tech! Cox has contracted third party companies who don't even use proper meters to diagnose problems. When problems are intermittent like time or temperature based when amps stop functioning at night when temperature drops. Also tier techs buy off the tickets like they fix big problems, that leaves customers having to call back. I've personally experienced all these situations. Cox needs to own there faults and fix em. Customers need to pay there bills that's how this works if there is a problem Cox should fix em or give free service them they can give customers the run around all they want with there remote modem resets lol.

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        Most electronics work better when the temperature drops. However, techs can request a 24 hour log/testing be done on a line, and see if overnight there are issues. It could be ingress coming from something happening overnight that isn't happening during the day, like a ham radio operator talking to their friend at 2 in the morning.