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5 years ago

Extreme Lag on Cox Panoramic - Wired Connection

I have been a long time customer of Cox Communications in Las Vegas. I've had "high-speed" internet since Cox started offering it. I've had my fair share of issues over the years but the last 4-5 months have been absolutely terrible. I recently moved into a new to me home and wanted to opt for the wireless steaming cable boxes. Unfortunately these boxes require the Panoramic service and Technicolor modem/router.

I have a wired setup for my PC that goes straight to the Panoramic modem and I am experiencing lag and packet loss at most times of the day. I have gone through the chat and phone support too many times to count. I have restarted the modem/router a couple times per day for the last month to no avail. I had a service technician come out today and he adjusted something outside as he said my levels were too low. He also blamed the weather and solar flares on the bad connection. At this point, as much as I don't want to, I am looking up pricing on Centurylink Fiber. Has anyone gotten a real solution from Cox regarding lag?



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      I tried resetting the modem and only having one PC connected via Ethernet, I still have the same issue. I had two more technicians come out, most recently on 3/19, turns out that everything in the house is fine, the node is scheduled to be split off to make room for everyone in the neighborhood. Tech said, "be patient" and didn't give an estimated completion date for the new node. To his defense, he wouldn't know. Connection is worse than ever now.

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        tell me about it, i paid for the preferred 150 Mbps plan, and guess what my download speed is showing?  10-20 Mbps!  This is a fraud.

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    What area are you in?  I'm in So Cal, and cox is experiencing and "outage" in my area...I think, but can't confirm that they either have a core network issue or they have a system capacity issue.  In either case, they say it's an outage and that it will be fixed.  they've been saying that all week.  I have internet, but it's really laggy and breaks up from time to time.  Best way to tell if you have a similar issue is to open up your command prompt in windows (start search--> type CMD)  in the black window that pops up type 'ping -t' .  this will send a continuous string of packets one a second to google and give you a reply.  the reply at the end will say time=xxms.  If you get no reply, the packet was dropped.  if you get a time over 30ms, there is something slowing you down.  in my case i'm getting like 30%-50% packet loss, so the internet will run then just stall for a second then's extremely annoying.  I have resorted to using a mobile hot spot for work applications.  it causes stuttering...all sorts of stuff.  It's actually the reason i'm reading the forum today.