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External domain emails not reaching mailboxes.

I need to know who to report this problem to.

The school district I work for is having issues sending new emails to customers. We have no issues with our reputation or being black listed. We use O365 exchange for our mail provider. They provided a  trace log showing the email being delivered with no rejection. The senders receive no NDR's. The mail doesn't appear to be going to spam or automatically getting deleted.

If someone in the school district replies to a cox e-mail, that one will be successfully delivered to the Cox user.

I've chatted with support about this issue. They advised me to send an e-mail to . I have sent three emails in the last week with no response.

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    As WiderMouthOpen reported in his post, I've also experienced this issue with my business email that is hosted with Microsoft Exchange 365. I've had my account for over 20 years and Cox has now blacklisted it as a spamming account. This is what I can tell you:

    • I looked through the trace logs and my emails are also shown as delivered. This is because Cox does receive them and immediately processes them as spam.
    • By default, Cox does not enable the spam folder in residential accounts.
    • By default, Cox deletes any email it suspects as spam.
    • You can change the spam settings on each individual Cox email account to allow the spam folder to be active and email that is suspected spam to go to that folder instead of being deleted.
    • I've sent plain text messages from my legitimate business email to my Cox email and it always goes to spam. Since there is nothing in the email that is possibly suspect, they must have blacklisted the email account as a spammer account and are sending all email from it to spam.
    • Tier 1 support cannot help. They read from a script and have no idea what is going on. I spoke with them 4 times.
    • I was also told to send an email to and it does not help.
    • Tier 1 support cannot open a trouble ticket and give you a case/ticket number. They only make internal notes.
    • On the 4th time, I asked Tier 1 support to pass me on to Tier 2 support.
    • Tier 2 support does create a trouble ticket and gives you a number.
    • They said that they have to pass the case to Atlanta to fix the issue. It would take up to 72 hours (3 days) to fix it.
    • Today is the 4th day and I'll call Tier 2 support again (have to go to Tier 1 support and ask for Tier 2 support).

    The difficulty we face is that we have an external NON Cox email account and their support is not configured to help external entities fix these issues. Only Cox customers can get help and that can only happen from Tier 2 support. Even they can't fix the issue, but only pass it on to someone else higher up the food chain. You can't talk to anyone directly about the issue. Let me know what you find out and I'll do the same.

    BTW, we are not alone. I received a notification of a post to Cox's forum from WiderMoutOpen in my Cox spam box because it thought the forum email from Cox was spam. 

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    really, i had an email a few min ago from this forum in webmail spam!!

    ain't it great, cox doesn't even trust themselves!!!