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5 years ago

Error 408 when trying to use "My Wifi"

I've been trying to troubleshoot why my gigablast connection only gets about 280 Mbps down.  During this process, I tried to used "My Wifi" in my online account, and each time I get the following error:

Error 408 Oops! We're currently experiencing system difficulties. Please refresh your browser.

We were unable to connect to your WiFi Modem. Please use our Troubleshooting Guide or contact Customer Support to resolve the issue, or try again later.

Of course I've refreshed my browser, but always get the same result, whether using Firefox or Microsoft Edge.  I see that there are others who have received this error, but I don't see any answers or fixes for it.  I was thinking it might have something to do with my speed issue.

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    Hi Murph555,

    Are you experiencing the download speed issues on a hardwired device or wireless device?

    We can take a closer look at the error you are receiving when trying to use "My WiFi". Please send us an email to and include your full name, account holder's name, street address, and a link of your forum post. Thanks.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator