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5 years ago

Erratic Upload Speed

I have to start by saying that we have been dealing with erratic upload speeds since 04/01/2020 and it is now 04/09/2020 and things have only gotten worse.  We have the Ultimate Internet which has advertised speeds of 300 download and 30 upload.  Our upload speed is great.  Near 300 on every speed test I have run.  Calling our upload speed erratic is putting it mildly to say the least.  Before 04/01/2020 it was near 30 all the time.  Now it ranges between 5 and 15.  I have been on the phone, I have chatted, I have swapped modems, I have had a technician out and NOTHING HELPS!  I understand internet traffic has increased due to COVID-19.  Here's what I don't understand, WHY IS IT GETTING WORSE?  At this point I can't even work from home anymore since my job has to due with 3D modeling and the lag time makes it pointless to even try.  So I guess what I'm asking is, when will I be getting my refund?  What about my lost wages?  What about my lost paid time off?

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    My uploads have been spotty too. I just upgraded from Premier 150 to Gigablast because I am fully working from home now, and it started out with full upload, but now even uploads are affected. I haven't seen 900+ Mb/s down yet, maybe 600 Mb/s down. Upload speeds are in the same neighborhood as you.

    This is frustrating to say the least.