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4 years ago

Equipment never came/account canceled

 I ordered "straight up Internet" on the 28th of March. The modem never arrived so Cox auto cancelled my account.

I reordered yesterday and the person  spoke with said modem would be overnighted. I still have not received anything or a tracking number, which makes me fairly certain that nothing is coming this time either, at least not before  get cancelled again.

I understand things are slow due to the pandemic. And I suspect that since  have a cheap  that it's probably  low priority, but I'm 77 yo and that's about all the Internet I need.

I'm not sure why I  was told the equipment would be overnighted, maybe that was just to get me off the phone.

Has this happened to anyone else on here? And any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    I ordered on March 30 and just got my equipment today but still having problems. Hooked up but no internet.