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6 years ago

Email Issues in Outlook - PW Continually Required

This has been an issue in the past; tech help usually says they've had issues with their email server.

Is this still an issue currently? Once again cox email account in Outlook requires entering password - CONTINUALLY!

In addition for whatever reason, it tends to continually sync ... 

I need to know how to get this pop-up requiring PW to stop!

My email account is set up exactly as cox stated to do so; therefore that should not be the issue --- UNLESS they have changed things without letting their customers know of their changes.

Please let me know if cox has been looking into this issue, and if there is any kind of solution for resolution.

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    I have the same issue.  As time goes on the pop ups appear more frequently-almost immediately after OKing the window to close it.  Now i just drag the window off the screen and leave it.  Most of the time the email still works, but other times I have to close outlook 2010 and reopen it.  Other times i go into account settings and use the "repair" option which typically works.  On occasion I find my saved password has changed by itself and I have to change it back.  Still seems to be some kind of weird Cox problem.  If you get the right person at Cox for technical assistance they will acknowledge that, but typically you talk with someone who says they don't know about any Cox problems.

  • Hi Kaylin and SheLetGo, are you able to access your email accounts using Cox Web Mail? Can you send and receive emails while using Cox Web Mail? I suggest changing your Cox Web Mail password, then logout/login using the new password, test to make sure you are still able to send/receive emails in Web Mail. Logout after the test is successful and then open Outlook and update the password there. If you continue to receive a password prompt let us know.
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    Has ANYONE found a fix for this annoying issue??

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    super annoying!
    spent 4 nights talking to Michael Parker for 3 hours at a time
    We pay so much for our service and this is unacceptable!
    please reply here or to my email directly which i can ONLY receIve by going thru Cox Webmail which loads 1/3 of the time and takes forever to load WHEN IT DOES.

    thank you in advance

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    It's not just Outlook, and it's not a password issue.  I've been noticing this issue with Outlook 2010, as well as my phone, and iPad (neither of which is using outlook).  There's something with the login server that periodically refuses logins.  Not sure if it's just the POP server or not though because I only use POP and not IMAP.  Been happening for a few days now.

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    I have a similar problem, though just a bit different.  I get the login dialog that pops up and all I have to do is hit OK and it goes away and my mail continues to work.  After a period of time ranging from 5 minutes to an hour or so, it'll pop up again, and again I hit OK and it's fine.  Password hasn't changed, login is fine, account is setup according to Cox specs, web mail is fine, it all works just fine... except for the annoying constant login popup!  If I leave the popup on the screen, my mail doesn't complete it's send/receive and all my mail is hung up waiting.

    Does anyone have ANY idea why this is happening?  I have 5 cox email accounts and Cox is our only option here and we pay a small fortune for it.  This has been happening for almost 3 YEARS!

  • Our email administrators are currently investigating an issue where Webmail passwords aren't synchronizing correctly with third-party email clients like Outlook, Mac Mail, and Windows Live Mail. So that we can make sure what you are experiencing this specific issue and not something else, please email the following information to our team at

    • The email address used in mail client
    • Device type/model#
    • Operating system/version#
    • Mail client name and version#
    • POP or IMAP?
    • Primary Login
    • Affected Login

    If you can, send your email from an account not impacted by login issues. You can also send us a Message via Facebook or reach out to @CoxHelp on Twitter. We'll let you know as soon as we get more details.

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    Really?  You need MORE info from us?  Read the threads, it is all laid out for you.  It is a COX issue with anything that is NOT the lame webmail.  I think given the date of the first complaint, you have had plenty of time to fix it.  It appears COX is not interested in fixing the issue.  I guess you are OK with all of us ditching COX rather than being forced to use COX webmail.  Well-done!

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    Cox Webmail isn't working at all. Every time I try to go to Webmail on your site, the page times out. and throws an error. See attached screenshot.