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3 years ago

EBB Program ( yes I wil spell it correctly )

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EBB Progam


Has anyone received this EBB benefit yet?  I've gotten 4 mails from the gov. telling me I was approved, the first on May 17.  Yes, I did the ID.ME and everything else I was required to do.  Going on my third billing cycle since I applied and still nothing.  

When I call Cox, no one has a clue what's going on.  There is not supervisor with any knowledge of the program either.  They then give  you the number to call the government.  I called them.  They tell me, yes, you're approved, call Cox.  I tell them I did but they insist it's on Cox's end.

Anyone offer any help?  Who to contact? This is ridiculous already.  I have to reapply again by Aug. 15 according to the email from the government.  

Any assistance and/or suggestions appreciated.



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