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5 years ago

Does Cox provide reimbursement for frequent outages?

We have been home since the pandemic began.  Prior to that our internet was used very little during the day.  Now it is being used constantly.  We have not gotten anywhere near out 1 TB limit.  The internet has gone down on several occasions when we have been involved in work related telecons, meetings, and research. My Cox bill never reflects any credit for lost service. WHY NOT?

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    Yes i want to know to because this is ridiculous every few days theres an outtage? I work from hone and cant afford for this to keep happening. I pay my bill on time every month o should see some kind of credit

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    I also would like to know.  I am paying for Ultimate Internet which is the highest speed available in my area (ridiculous- when will they upgrade the technology here?)  and I have never experienced anywhere NEAR the speeds I am paying for.  I have submitted numerous ongoing complaints with Cox, this company's response has been unethical.  They should definitely credit us for the loss of time and money, as we are paying for something we are not getting.

  • I’m in the same boat getting about 25% of the bandwidth and latency and packet loss that is atrocious. 

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    Same here man. I’m paying for gigablast and I don’t get anywhere near 100 mbps now. And that’s on LAN. Over WiFi it’s less than 20 for the most part. I tried calling tech support and all they do is apologize and put me on hold. One then they had me on hold for around 30 mins and I had to disconnect. I’m sure they did that on purpose since I was on the phone with them for over an hour.