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4 years ago

DOCSIS 3.1 Upgrade Scam

I upgraded to DOCSIS 3.1 and Gigablast, and, instead of getting better, my connection is so slow I am getting kicked from online video games, and videos I upload, do not complete because of disconnects during upload. Cox please fix your lines/software. This has been happening for 11 years. Your technicians are incompetent and arrogant so I refuse to have them in my home ever again.

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      I got the same email and info. I upgraded to a 3.1 modem but was still getting emails telling me that I had to upgrade the acct. I upload videos to YouTube so the upload speed is really nice to have.

      I thought $15 more a month for gigablast, sure why not. Right now my DL speed is 100 Mbps slower than before.

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        I apologize for the experience and would love the opportunity to investigate your concern. Please email your full name and address to

        Jonathan J
        Cox Moderator
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    This is a scam by Cox.  I called the number and the rep confirmed this was nothing but a poly to get people off the old 300/30 plan.  I'm filing a complaint with the OKAG and advise anyone else impacted to do so.  There is no "technical/Network upgrade" Cox is doing to require a change like this.  This is their way to get people to either A. upgrade equipment or B. upgrade plans so that they do not have to Grandfather us in. The 500mbps they are offering if you do not change your modem is a joke, as A. you'll still be capped at 300mbps down, and B. your upload speed is being DOWNGRADED to 10mbps

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    I'm in the same boat now.  They sent me the email about upgrading to DOCSIS 3.1 and checking into their other plans.  I did that, and checked out Gigablast which is actually $3 a month cheaper than the plan I was on.  It was blistering fast for a couple days and now for the last 5 days, just constant drops.  Getting 800-850 down and like 0-5 upstream, maybe...  I show 40-60% packet loss. 

    I ran diagnostics on my equipment, they are perfect, right in the sweetspot with Power, SNR on the up and down channels.  Plus I know it worked great for a couple days, was getting like 850/35 constantly.

    They have been telling me there is "noise" on the line and techs are working on it, but then I check their website and they say everything is fixed.  Now it's starting to effect my job since I'm working from home.

    Pretty ridiculous!

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      I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I see our social media team has replied back to your email.

      Jonathan J
      Cox Moderator

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    Yep, I ended up upgrading because my roommates all work from home and 10mbps is unacceptably slow. I am indeed getting over 500mbps on Gigablast but it has been dropping out traffic at random times and the jitter is worse. I thought it was my modem or the fact that they just replaced the line coming into the apartment but I'm pretty sure it is just a bait and switch. I was furious and almost filed a complaint with the FCC for forcing this at the worst time but I figured I'd be screaming into a chasm of politicians that don't care.

    I swear working an IT job and dealing with ISPs is so frustrating. As a side note does anyone know what the actual recommendations for proper IPv6 are on COX. Automatic settings DO NOT WORK and COX hasn't updated their IPv6 article for years

    IT IS USELESS and EVERY time I ask a support agent they. A ask me to buy COX's customer support package or B say they don't know....

    Just because we don't want your equipment doesn't mean you can always blame ours. The MB8611 is a fully supported modem and my router is a TP-Link AX600. Combined they are almost $500 in equipment. The issue isn't the equipment I can't get straight answers about standards you supposedly support. I don't need to be walked through specific settings screens I just need to know if you're using DHCPv6/SLAAC and if I need Prefix delegation turned on.

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      Hi Pdamascp28, All Docsis 3.0 and 3.1 Modems should support our implimentation of IPV6 you may need to check your router and enable support if it does not support IPV6 by default. going to will let you know if IPV6 is set up to work. -Greg
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             You still didn’t answer his question. pdamasco28 stated he only needed to know “…if you're using DHCPv6/SLAAC and if I need Prefix delegation turned on.” In other words, what IPv6 options need to be set/turned on in order for it to work?