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2 months ago

Data Usage?!

Hello All,

I am recently a new cox customer, been using them for the past two months. There are some good and one major bad. The good is great gaming speeds and haven't really had any internet issues. Now this is where i am now not enjoying being a customer. The past two months nearing the last week of the bill cycle my household of two which average 20-30gigs a day is seeing an insane spike of up to 250gigs in one day?! First off how? Second please cox why cant you explain remotely close to what caused that spike. And now that i read other forums, last month my OTHER category was at 4%, this month somehow is at 37% taking up more than streaming???? Oh yeah and you cant see what other means. If anyone has any tips or advice on how to ease my issue that would be great so i can stop giving cox more money. Thanks. To Cox not thrilled so far and not liking what im seeing. 

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  • Hi, there. Thanks for reaching out concerning your data usage. i can certainly understand the concern over a sudden spike.  Please email my team at so we can obtain account details and review further. Thank you for being a part of the Cox family.