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5 years ago

Data Usage jump from 400GB to 1500GB in two months, and no change to our usage

Can anyone offer a suggestion to what is happening? Tier 1 Tech has no idea, and am on hold all day for Tier 2..

With about 3-4 extra hours of online gaming, as the only change to our usage - Our report now shows 1500GB per/mo being used. I fear that someone is piggybacking on our wifi. Any way to know what is happening?

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    The same thing is happening to me. I've been dealing with this for 3 weeks. I went to a maximum of 300 gigs a month to over 1024 gigs a month according to Cox. Nothing has changed as far as usage, in fact our usage has decreased in the last few months because grand kids haven't been over using their tablets. I changed out my modem and router, changed my passwords and even turned the wifi off on my phone but I'm still being told that I'm using excessive amounts of data. It seems that there is a problem that Cox isn't taking responsibility for. They keep suggesting that I upgrade to unlimited data. Why would I pay more for data that I KNOW I'm not using???

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    This happened to my daughter last month and now me this month.  I work 8 hours during the day and not home much in the evenings.  I don't do any gaming, I watch you  tube, play words with friends, use face book and Quick books.  and watch some Direct TV.  I changed my password and turned on the traffic meter to make sure Cox is correct in my usage.  I will not pay more for there internet.  I am trying to get a hold of someone that will put a cap on my usuage when I have used it all in a month.  My daugher is looking at other options too.  

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    Same issue here, never went over my 1Tb until just last month. When I talk to customer service and we look through the data usage most months where around 300Gbs until I switched to the Technicolor Gateway and then there's a big jump even though we're consuming less media then before. My problem I think was Netflix because it was set to auto for the quality stream and that Technicolor 5ghz could pull 300mbps download speeds. So this meant my Netflix was always streaming at the highest quality so I went into Netflix settings and changed it to medium and then low for my daughter's account. So far my usage this month is on track to not cap out.

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      The monthly data limit is bogus. In all the years I have used the internet since like 1998 there was never any cap (at least that I was aware of) until recently.  Cox Communications ** and every single thing that they do that is noticible to a customer just pisses me off even further. When I discovered these forums, it didnt take long to realize that they are providing piss poor service to everyone and have a terrible integrity and honesty problem

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        This data cap is beyond greedy.  What a blatant money grab. Their customers pay for high speed internet and then get punished for using it. The sad thing is they have a monopoly on most markets.

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    Netflix uses a lot up especially if you leave it on auto. If you have a 4k tv consider it easily double-four times as much as regular 1080p movies/tv. If you have xbox or playstation a lot of updates to games are now 50+ GB each. Also, watch out for the new tv through internet packages like Youtube TV, playstation vue, dish sling as they will use up your internet as well.