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5 years ago

Customer Service?

I have been having issues with connection speed, so I tried doing an online chat through Cox's web site. After about 20 minutes of troubleshooting, the tech stopped responding, and my chat session ended. I started a new chat session, and had to start all over again with a new tech, who also eventually stopped responding (though the chat session never actually ended). On my third attempt, the tech said that my modem was misconfigured for my plan and that I would have to call tier-2 support. Why the person I was working with could not just escalate the issue is beyond me.

I called the phone number the tech gave me; after being on hold for over 45 minutes, I had to go through the same trouble-shooting steps that I had just been through, at which point the tech said that my modem was misconfigured. She transferred me to a tier-2 tech.

I explained my situation to the tier-2 support person, and he said, "this is going to be quick because everything they told you in tier one is wrong." (that's a direct quote). He said that cases have been escalated because of supposed modem misconfigurations, but there is nothing wrong with the modems. He said it is a known problem that they have escalated to management numerous times over the past several weeks with no resolution.

So... I wasted about three hours, was given incorrect information, was informed by a tier-2 support person that Cox has known customer service issues and won't fix them, and I still have a slow connection. Someone is apparently coming out to check my connection, but it should not have taken all of that effort just to get that.

Cox, what is being done to fix this issue so your tier-1 technicians have accurate information and can actually provide competent service to customers?

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