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5 years ago

Cox's server side email filter rules

Hello All --

I tried this question a month ago. That query is now locked, and was never well answered. So as requested, I'm starting again.

I'm looking for a tutorial on the server-side email filters.  Something that gives the basics that trial and error has not revealed as of yet.

Questions such as:

  • What is the limit on the number of rules?
  • What is the limit on the number of conditions per rule?
  • What is the limit on the number of actions per rule?
  • Are rules case sensitive?
  • What is the difference between 'contains', 'matches', and 'regex'?
  • Similarly for 'contains not', 'matches not', and 'not regex'?
  • Similarly for 'exists' and 'does not exist' etc.
  • After submitting, how long before the rules are effective?
  • If using 'From is exactly' how much of the From line is checked:
    • the entirety?
    • Including 'From: '?
    • just between the angle brackets?
    • including the angle brackets?
  • If 'Keep' is the action, where is the email kept?
  • if 'Discard' is the action, where is the email put?
  • Where does 'Starts with' start and 'Ends with' end? See 'From' above.
  • Do the Spam/Not Spam icons have any Bayesian logic associated with them?
  • etc.

The list goes on.  I'll settle for a pointer to a comprehensive discussion. Maybe this will become that.

On the subject of 'Alaskan Seafood' I have found this combination on any condition to work:

  • From Regex /alaskan/i
  • Subject Regex /(seafood|alaskan)/i
  • Body Regex /alaskan/i
  • File Into Select Folder Spam


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