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3 years ago

Cox's Failure to Support Gigablast

First off all I work from home and depend on a stable connection with good bandwidth... When the opportunity came up to upgrade to Gigablast I bought a brand new Arris SB8200 and upgraded my account.

From day one I never got full Gigablast speeds even when plugged directly into the modem with my laptop.  I even tested with another laptop and a desktop PC and none of them got more than ~650Mbps.  I was OK with that though because in my book that was good bandwidth.

Starting today I can't get more than 100Mbps at best... multiple tests using the Cox provided Speedtest app and website show download speeds as low as 5Mbps.  The connection also drops out all together intermittently for minutes at a time.  

According to Cox their system hasn't detected any issues or outages so they refuse to send someone to investigate.  I was willing to accept the fact that I'd probably be charged $75 for the truck roll but at least I'd have someone come out and maybe resolve the issues.  Unfortunately I'm not worth their time apparently.  I'm told that because their system doesn't show an issue they won't send a tech... Now, to be clear, I'm having to chat with this person using my Verizon mobile hotspot because my Cox connection was completely down but I still don't qualify for assistance.

This is absolutely the worst customer service I have encountered with my home services and refuse to pay $150 per month for service that isn't worth Cox's time to fix when it is obviously not working correctly.

Has anyone else had this happen?  What did you do?  Was it ever resolved?  Should I just change ISP's?



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  • @Jgobert, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this concern to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    I've noticed in the last 5 months or so Cox throttles their internet at certain hours. Unfortunately like most they are the only "reliable" Internet service in the area. As of today while paying $105 for gigablast I'm only getting about 250 download and 0 upload. Instead of paying the $75 dollars for a truck to show up, I opted into $5 extra a month for "protection." I'm hoping they read these threads and hope someone in the company has a soul and fixes the problem. Probably not they are getting there money and laughing. Normally when these problems arise I contact support and tell them they are throttling me. It magically fixes its self, and assure me they do not throttle. Yeah bs. Probably not much help but a rant... So when this Tech shows up tomorrow to fix THEIR problem I'm paying them to fix we will see. As I speak my internet is better. Of course until tonight. COX READ THIS! 

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      You might have better luck starting a new thread for this... sorry you're having trouble too.  Not sure where your area is but maybe Starlink will become an option for you.  I'm on the wait list myself.

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    I've tried five times to enlist the help of technical support due to my speeds dropping from 800 to 350mbps.  In each case the situation is unresolved.  I'm weary of this 3-month-old problem and the pricing hardly justifies the service.  

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      Hi @Akasonny
      I know how frustrating it is to get slow speeds. Please email us at with your full name and address. And we can further troubleshoot these speed issues
      Ben S.
      Cox Support Forums Moderator