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New Contributor is not delivering email

Arizona email being sent from Cox account is not being delivered. Sometime in 09/20, the service was changed. Historically, email being sent to my non-Cox mail server is passed through a greylisting filter. This defers the delivery and normally the sending email server tries again and delivery is accepted. Now, Cox delivery is deferred and it never tries again and it never issues a  warning about email not being delivered. It just quietly quits. This is a problem - unreliable email delivery! Anyone else seeing this?

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    Same here in Kansas. I had really important email from new temp to hire job on Friday afternoon, waited over thirty minutes for the email at their office, but it never did. I have to call them in the morning and tell them to change everything to my Gmail account. 

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      @NerdGirl Hi, Are you using a Client or did this happen on webmail in a browser?

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