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5 months ago

Move emails off

I have many years of Cox emails saved on the Cox web email page (on server?) because I couldn't get Cox email to work with Outlook for years so I need to know how to backup all those emails now before the transition because I need to access them forever!  I can't seem to find an answer how to get them off Cox and saved somewhere safe.  Basically I have had to go to to deal with all my email so that's where many years worth of email is located and if I cannot access that after the Yahoo transition I need to move them somewhere and have no idea how to do this asap.  Or will all our old Cox emails transition to Yahoo?  Like I said I always have to go to to deal with emails so that's where all my emails are located.

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  • Hi, Mommapenny 

    Thanks for your inquiry. I have had my email address for years too and imagine you depend on it much like I do. This transition lets you keep your email address, messages, folders, calendar, and contacts. After the move, Yahoo Mail will become your email provider and Cox will no longer manage or support your email services. All currently available information can be found at

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    Do you have a friend or relative that can help you install a POP Email Client on your PC?

    I do a lot of computer work for friends and relatives. I use a Remote Desktop program to access their PCs.  SplashTop is the Remote Desktop that I use.