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2 months ago

Cox to Yahoo to Google - NOT RESOLVED

I've noticed a long thread of customers experiencing the same issue I'm facing, and I need help. A Cox moderator marked the thread "Resolved" simply by providing a Yahoo support number, which doesn't address the core problem. 

I've been a Cox customer since 1999, using the same email address and forwarding it to my Gmail to take advantage of better spam filters, as Cox's filters are inadequate. With 25 years of email usage, I receive a significant amount of junk mail.

Now, I've been forced to activate a Yahoo account, and I can no longer forward my email to Gmail unless I pay $5/month to upgrade. This is unacceptable—why should I pay extra on top of my already expensive Cox internet service?

When I tried adding my Cox/Yahoo email to Gmail, I received server connection errors because Gmail doesn't recognize it as a Yahoo server due to the "" domain. This leaves me with the limited option of using Yahoo webmail or adding the account to Outlook or the Mail app as a standalone account. This issue was entirely foreseeable and reflects poor planning on Cox's part.

If I were the CEO of Cox, I would be deeply embarrassed and would consider firing the leader of this project. I'm now considering canceling my Cox service, but I don't want to lose my 25-year-old email address, which I should have transitioned away from years ago.

Dear Moderator - don't post a Yahoo support phone number then mark this as "resolved" until there is a true resolution. What should happen is give us the Yahoo upgraded email at NO CHARGE so we can forward incoming email or migrate our mail back. 

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    Its very easy, go to yahoo and setup Gmail as a client and get a client pwd to enter in google, and it will then pickup the mail from yahoo. Took me 3 minutes to setup. 

    You have to MANUALLY setup the server information on Google for the mail servers. 

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    This change to Yahoo is horrible - I spent 45 mins on the phone with Yahoo as the IMAP Server directions DO NOT WORK - keeps saying it doesn't recognize the account - trying to move over to Google also doesn't work because it's recognizing Cox as the server, not Yahoo - the Yahoo rep wanted my Driver's License or State ID # - WHAT?! - I hung up at this point - SERIOUSLY considering dropping all Cox service all together even though I've been a customer for about 25 year - NO solutions to the email issues are working at this point.

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      Hello. I can certainly understand your frustration. Please feel free to send an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this concern to 

  • Hi SabrinaW,



    We appreciate you being a long time customer. I apologize that you're dissatisfied with the change to Yahoo. We'd hate to lose you as a customer. If you need account or service assistance, please feel free to email us at


    Thank you.